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DBS6000HD High Definition Digital Satellite Receiver
DBS6000HD Receiver
DBS6000HD Boot Screen
DBS6000HD Front Panel
DBS6000HD Rear Panel

Are you are tired of MPEG4 receivers designed for Europe with big useless SCART sockets on the back? Receivers that don't work well or have missing or poorly designed functions?

Here is your opportunity to sell a receiver that just flat works. Built with the rock solid Fujitsu H60 processor that is well known for it's ability and features. Not only can this receiver do MPEG4 but it handles HD with ease and provides a sweet USB interface for PVR functions.

In this day and age it no longer makes sense to sell MPEG2 only receivers. Actually if the receiver doesn't do MPEG4 HD there is no need to sell it. What happens if you sell a customer a MPEG2 only receiver and their channels go MPEG4? They are going to demand their money back or at the very least they are going to ask for a receiver that will get the channels that they want.

Traxis receivers have long been the standard in FTA and we now bring you the top of the line MPEG4 receiver with HD and PVR capability. From the moment you turn this receiver on you will realize that you have a quality piece of equipment. Avoid customer complaints by selling quality equipment designed for ease of use.


Available through your favorite DMS International Dealer.